Seth Ehrlich

No, it is not Belwood’s work, but the creation of my good fellow woodworker who makes me think to my dear and admired friend Wendy Muriyama, long term member and laureate of the Furniture Society. Seth just completed an installation at the Port Washington Library on Long Island, NY. We can definitely discern his background of the Schreiber High School Shop master.

Seth is member of the Long Island Craft Guild and is also involved in ceramic and kayak building.

I could not resist to post his creations here…


Basement remodeling project

Some 45 years ago, termites activity had damaged the bottom of nice butterfly tong and groove paneling. The town requires a building permit for any project. It was the good time to put everything to code and install an egress window.

To be followed after priming, painting and furnishing. 

Antique Side Table Candidate for an Extensive “Modernization”

The usual way to rejuvenating this piece would have been to remove the bronze gallery , strip the lacquer, and french polish again.

Since the whole house decor was more of a modern clean almost nihilistic look ( Ralf Lauren…? ),  the owner wanted a uniform white effect.  Continue reading “Antique Side Table Candidate for an Extensive “Modernization””

The Process

9:00am on a Sunday morning.  John calls me:”Do you repair furniture… I want to be ready for Thanksgiving”. Sure: I jump in the car to inspect each piece and give a realistic opinion of how much time would be necessary to ensure the integrity of the chairs, the need to refinish a table before the holidays parties. Two days… this can be challenging! Let’s go: I’ll write the outcome soon.

Damaged antique hospital chair. Just an example: this chairs was NOT the one I had to repair before Thanksgiving!


12:30. The visit revealed the need for one armchair arm that needs tightening before the holiday’s sit-down dinner.   This is a “new” construction all held by nuts and bolts instead of tenons. Some Allen bolts need to be taken care of at the seat/arm joint. Bot the arm is attached to the back with a “barrel” bolt. We’ll see.

A second chair needs spherical casters. These will be ordered.

Specific sourcing of adequate hardware


New dowel to secure chair arm while not damaging the upholstery
New dowel to secure chair arm while not damaging the upholstery

Three chairs were retightened with bolts. However, one of the armchairs had to be taken back to the shop. A new floating tenon had to be created because the upholstery covered the original break. After a day’s work and clamping, John and his family had the chair ready for the celebration.

This work lead to additional refinishing assignment I will describe in alater post.