Armoire Provinciale Normande – Louis XV

Armoire Normande Restoration

The original piece had been eaten by worms. Extensive damage and breakage incurred  by its re-localization from a temperate climate environment in France to over heated and refrigerated New York apartment.
We re-glued some parts and created new mortises in the stiles. New shelf supports were made, respecting the seasonal movements and the structural stress incurred by the load of heavy books.

Art Nouveau Buffet

Restored bread making pantry



Eaten by worms, rodents had  elected it as their best home.  Major repair involved adding new rails and corner braces.

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Leather Top Side Table

Side tablet with leather top
Side tablet with leather top

Discoloration, broken tablet and loose feet. Restoration included re-staining of the top hide, glazing of the wood and four coats of water based polyurethane.

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“El Greco” Spanish Tripod Stool

El Geco Tripod Stool
A broken tripod leg, repaired for further abuse…

Well… I don’t know, but the art history professor who requested this stool to be repaired described it as such. Must be a “style” because I never found any mention of it. Anyway, the  stool foot was broken. A new wedged tenon was inserted through the seat. Ultimately, a slit of the original leg was kept and re-glued to hide the repair.

And sometimes, “easy”,  functional “creations”